• About KBI

    KBI is a leading supplier of bakery industrial equipment in Taiwan.
    Our goal is to listen what Bakers need and make the machine for Bakers.


    We specialize in bakery equipment, dough mixer, horizontal mixer, vertical planetary mixer, cake mixer, food production equipment and so on.

  • Why Choose KBI?

    Good Invention - Patents

    USA Patent - dough pressing, Taiwan Patent- egg roll cookie machine, China Patent - Automatic egg roll cookie machine.

    High Quality - Good Value

    Using excellent parts supplier , Japan omron, Euro Schneider Electric .. and so on.

    Best Service - 30 years expert

    More than 30 years Tailor-made food eqiupment and service experince.


  • Planetary Mixer

    It can mix cake, muffin, cookie, biscuit, pastries, fillings

    350L /180L planetary mixer for mixing cake muffin fillings, slurries, cookie, icings

    Here is testmonals from USA bakery company !

    testmonals from Michel's Bakery Philadelphia USA

    KB425/KB412 Planetary MIxer
    (350/180 Liters)

    KB425 Vertical 350/180 L Mixer

    has wide range of uses.


    It can mix Cake batter, pre-aeration slurries, cookie, cake, icings, cream, biscuit and cake donut faster.

    KB425 Mixer
    can mix more batter in less time because:

    *Planetary Mixing action
    *Enclose mixing bowl
    -- permit better mixing result and prevent spillage
    * Variable high mixing speed
    -- better mixing result
    *Special designed bow and agitator
    -- better mixing result
    *Bigger rotating motion
    -- better mixing result
    *Heavy duty frame
    *370 (350 liters) mixing bowl
    *Gear Reliability - Long lasting



    350 / 180 Litters

    Stainless Steel Bowl

    Stainless Steel mixing agitator

    Stainless Steel mixing head

    KB425- 20/15/10HP

    KB412 - 7.5HP

    KBI Rebecca Sun

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  • Horizontal Mixer (SIngle Sigma Arm Mixer)

    KBI Mixer can make your products reach high quality!
    Designed to mix Crackers, Rotary and Hard Biscuit Dough, Cookie Dough, Dog Biscuits, Pie Dough, Animal Feeds, Corn Tortillas, Buttermilk Biscuits, Stiff Fillings, Chocolate, Bagel

    horizontal mixer sigma arm for mixing dough like cookie dough wire cut dough, soft biscuit

    HM120, HM200, HM300 Horizontal MIxer (SIgma Arm)

    *Heavy Duty Construction - Long lasting
    *Stainless Steel double skinned bowl with water channels insides -- Long lasting
    *Water Jacket - Water cooling & warming to control dough temperature
    *Gear Reliability - Long lasting
    *Superior Shaft seal design - Long lasting
    *Dough Thermometer - Get the precise temperature of dough
    *Hydraulic Tilt System - Easy Operation
    *Electronic timer control - Let you set the mixer for automatic shift from first to second speed
    *Complete stainless Z-shaped (Sigma) agitator and shaft.

    Mixing Wire cut dough, Rotary cookie dough, Soft Biscuit, Hard Biscuit, Semi-hard Biscuit, Stiff Fillings, Danish, Health food bars, Animal feeds
    Double Sigma Arm Horizontal Mixer (Creamer) is also avaliable

    KBI Louis CHiang

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  • Egg Roll Cookie Machine

    Manual Egg Roll cookie machine & Automatic open & close pan egg roll cookie machine.
    (Taiwan Patent, China Patent)

    Manual Egg Roll Cookie Machine

    making Chinese egg roll cookie 蛋捲 蛋卷

    egg roll cookie machine making chinese egg roll cookie

    Automactic open & close pan egg roll Cookie Machine

    making Chinese egg roll cookie 蛋捲 蛋卷

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  • Custom made machine

    design your food processing machine by more than 30 years experience.

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