• Planetary Mixer

    It can mix cake, muffin, cookie, biscuit, pastries, fillings

    KB425/KB412 Planetary MIxer (350/180 Liters)

    KB425 Vertical 350/180 L Mixerhas wide range of uses.


    It can mix Cake batter, pre-aeration slurries, cookie, cake, icings, cream, biscuit and cake donut faster.

    350L /180L planetary mixer for mixing cake muffin fillings, slurries, cookie, icings

    350 / 180 Litters

    • Stainless Steel Bowl
    • Stainless Steel mixing agitator
    • Stainless Steel mixing head
    • KB425- 20/15/10HP
    • KB412 - 7.5HP

    KB425 Mixer
    can mix more batter in less time because:

    *Planetary Mixing action
    *Enclose mixing bowl
    -- permit better mixing result and prevent spillage
    * Variable high mixing speed
    -- better mixing result
    *Special designed bow and agitator
    -- better mixing result
    *Bigger rotating motion
    -- better mixing result
    *Heavy duty frame
    *370 (350 liters) mixing bowl
    *Gear Reliability - Long lasting



    Stainless Steel Mixing Head

    - Hygienic Standard
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    Conical Cover - prevent spillage

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    Here is testmonals from USA bakery company !

    testmonals from Michel's Bakery Philadelphia USA

    Contact Rebecca or Louis!

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