• S9 tabletop Spiral dough Mixer
    /variable speed

    It not only let you make a small amount of dough but also make bakery shop quality bread.

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    -1/2HP 375w 

    - Power Saving

    -110V voltage - Easy to use at home

    - 9-liter stainless steel mixing bowl

    - Size: 54 cm long, 30 cm wide, 45 cm high

    - Weight: 38 kg


    - mix about 3kg of flour 

    - mix about 6kg of dough

    -50% hydration dough - OK

    -Stainless steel mixing bowl

    -Low heat rising in mixing dough

    -Advantage of variable speed

    *able to mix wider range of hydration dough 

    Using low-speed mixing slow down the dough temperature rising in summer, or high-speed mixing in winter shorten the mixing time.

    *Higher water absorption dough is OK.

    Using low-speed mixing allow more water absorption in flour to make high hydration dough.

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    Excellent dough 

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